Since 2015, various education stakeholders have been working together to develop guiding principles that would compile together existing customary and conventional human rights law as it relates to private actors in education. These guiding principles are tentatively called 'Human rights guiding principles on states' obligation regarding private schools.' They are intended to be operational in and adaptable to different contexts and to provide a basis for advocacy, policy development, and litigation.

The development of the Guiding Principles is coordinated by a Secretariat who synthesises the inputs and feedback from various consultations. The Secretariat is made up of individuals from Amnesty International (Solomon Sacco, Zimbabwe), the Equal Education Law Centre (Daniel Linde, South Africa), the Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (Sylvain Aubry, France), the Initiative for Economic and Social Rights (Salima Namusobya, Uganda), and the Right to Education Initiative (Delphine Dorsi, France). These five people are coordinating the process for the development of the Guiding Principles.

The Secretariat supports the independent Expert Group, composed of recognised experts acting in their personal capacity, who will discuss, input into, and validate successive drafts of the Guiding Principles.

As part of a broad consultative process to develop the guiding principles, various regional and thematic consultations are being convened over the course of 2016 and 2017 with a range of stakeholders, including: civil society organisations, state representatives, human rights organisations and experts in the fields of education and law, academics, international and regional organisations and other actors. 

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Sylvain Aubry

Legal & Policy Advisor,

Delphine Dorsi

Executive Coordinator,
Right to Education Initiative

Solomon Sacco

Deputy Director, Law and Policy,  Amnesty International

Salima Namusobya

Executive Director,
Initiative for Social and Economic Rights

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