Private actors in education have increased in almost all aspects of the education sector. The forms and types of private actors involved in education are diverse. This includes:

  • traditional private schools catering to the elite;

  • low-cost profit-making schools targeting poor households;

  • large-scale commercial investments in private school chains;

  • private tutoring;

  • privatisation of education services such as testing;

  • the adoption of private sector management techniques in the public education sector; and

  • community and faith-based schools.

We work with local, national, regional and international partners to research and understand the impacts of private actors in education in accordance with human rights standards.

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GI-ESCR also looks at the impact of private actors in education and girls’ right to education. Previous research has been done in partnership with the Right to Education Initiative. The findings of this work were presented to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The final submission summarises the key findings of the impact of the growth of private actors in education on gender.

Country-Specific Research and Monitoring

We provide regular updates on the impacts of private actors in education in countries were we have conducted research and continue to monitor. For more details, visit the country-specific pages for the latest developments. 



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Thematic Areas on Private Actors in Education

We work closely with a number of partners on the impact of private actors in education. Our work focuses on developing international standards and a methodology to support research and advocacy on the impacts of private actors in education. Below are the thematic areas of this work.

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human rights guiding principles


Development Cooperation Institutions


commercial schools & private actors


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Solutions: Transparency & Accountability


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Private Actors and the Right to Education Caselaw Database

Key cases on the right to education, particularly in the context of the involvement of private actors.



Materials that can support other organisations advocating for the right to education.


Concluding Observations on Private Actors in Education Database

Collection of UN Concluding Observations that related to private actors in education.



External documents that support our advocacy efforts for the right to education.