Now available: Private Actors and the Right to Education Caselaw Database

Caselaw launch v3.jpg

Today we are launching a new resource on our website, ‘Private Actors and the Right to Education Caselaw Database’ at This database is a collection of case summaries on the right to education in the context of the involvement of private actors.

This new resource provides an essential source of information for researchers, advocates, lawyers and judges who wish to better understand and use the legal framework on the right to education, in particular in the context of the growth of private actors. The database will be regularly enriched, as more cases are summarised. Visit the page regularly for updates 

The cases presented were researched as part of the efforts to develop background material to assist the experts who drafted the Abidjan Principles on the human rights obligations of States to provide public education and to regulate private involvement in education. The cases are cross-referenced according to the relevant Abidjan Principles – including both the 10 Overarching Principles and the 97 Guiding Principles – so that users can easily find cases relevant to particular principles. The cases can also be researched by theme, country and court.

We hope you and other partners will find this new tool useful and welcome any feedback.