Message from the Board of Directors


Part of the uniqueness of GI-ESCR is the role that it plays to defend rights on the global stage and it is distinctive for its focus, methods and strategies. We believe these are vital to overcoming the dramatic inequalities and unnecessary human suffering which today characterizes the world, as well as to uniting various critical sectors (for example, environmental justice, global governance, women’s rights, and the development sector) to align more closely and more powerfully. The complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s issues go beyond what any individual organization, sector or field can do.

Peers, partners and others in the field in which we operate have recognized the unique contribution of GI-ESCR, including the ways in which we partner with others, our key methodologies, and our results. Within a world of elite, often northern and western driven and dominated power relationships in foreign assistance, technical assistance, and human rights, GI-ESCR is seen as an exception. It strives to be a true partners, and as respectful of local and national voices, processes, and values.

From 2010-2016, GI-ESCR has grown into a more robust and consolidated organization which has achieved concrete and tangible results in each of the programmatic priorities highlighted in this report. GI-ESCR is an organization that effectively navigates legal and technical spaces, but which nonetheless comes to the scene with heart. At its core, the organization underscores that change is something we all can only contribute to when we have enthusiasm, hope, and a deeply seeded commitment to the cause. Our work often and intentionally generates results that build the foundation for future advocacy. Our aim is to ensure that concrete outcomes and impact not only further our mission but lay the foundation for future human rights advocacy of others. These results build into our vision of a world where the human rights framework reflects the real world experiences of all of us, effectively furthering social and economic justice and human dignity, and catalyzing change from the local to the global, back to the local. This report illustrates recent achievements in making that vision a reality.

Board of Directors, 
Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Ellen Dorsey (Chair of the Board)

Washington, DC (USA)

Meg Satterthwaite

New York City, NY (USA)

David Stamps (Treasurer)


Paul J. Nelson (Secretary)

Pittsburgh, PA (USA)

Lilian Chenwi

Johannesburg (South Africa)

Malavika Vartak

London (United Kingdom)